DAX Concepts


A Partner is a legal entity in the DAX sphere and in order to become a partner you need to have an agreement with Amido AB. As a partner you might be a single user, a business or a part of an Alliera instance.

All parties might have different ways of accessing the platform depending on their level of integration. E.g. an Alliera instance can connect to the streaming interface of the platform while a business user might only be able to connect through the REST API.


An Instance in DAX is an interacting client that either responds to requests coming though the DAX platform, requests information or demands other partners and instances to perform certain operations. An Instance is assigned to either your Alliera installation (most common) or to your own internal integration point.


A contract is a term of agreement between a two parties, in DAX’s case between two partners. The contract specifies the benefits that one partner (the promisee) gets within the other party’s domain (the promisor). This is not to be confused by any actual contract between the partners and/or Amido. A contract is a one way list of benefits and regulations. If two parties need to gain access to both each other’s domains two separate contracts need to be in place. E.g. Partner A can have access to Partner B’s access groups but without a separate contract Partner B cannot access Partner A’s access groups. Separate contract is needed for that.

Contract clause

A clause determines what action you can take, what information you can access/request along with limitations posed on these operations in regards to frequency and size.

Contract offer

A contract offer is a proposal from a potential partner (promisee) to a second partner (promisor) containing the details and scope of a contract. Basically it is a not-yet-signed contract which the promisor need to sign and acknowledge before it takes effect. Contract offers can have an automatic expiry and conditional cancelability.