DAX Connectivity

To be able to talk to DAX you need to be able to reach the platform using one or both of the REST based API and the deep service cluster integration.

The REST based API provides with a simple stateless query and request integration while the Service Cluster integration makes it possible for realtime communication between client and the platform.

If you are connecting to DAX through an Alliera installation you need to be able to reach DAX using both REST and Deep integration.

DNS Lookups

The client needs to be able to do DNS lookups to find the DAX servers.


Most clients will need to access the DAX REST API which can be reached using HTTPS:


Deep integration

Clients like Alliera with a deeper integration also connects to our DAX Service Clusters through TCP port 4001. Communication must be possible to all of these endpoints.


Firewall issues

In order for an Alliera instance to connect to the DAX platform the Alliera server needs to be able to reach the above two endpoint categories.

There is no need to open any ports from outside your organization to the Alliera server.

So in summary:

Outgoing connections

Protocol Port Endpoints Description
UDP 53 The hosts DNS server DNS lookups.
TCP 443 api-prod.dax.amido.io Ordinary HTTPS connections.
TCP 4001 nats1.prod.dax.aws.amido.io
Service cluster connections.


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